Friday, March 15, 2013

Party Planning Binder and First Birthday Parties

My Sweet baby nephew turned 1 on January 9th, my sister organized a Dr. Seuss themed party that was simply adorable. My sister is super creative and I loved all the stuff she made for the party.  Here's a peek....

I also planned a small party for him in our hometown. Since there is so much I have floating in my head, I put together a party planner to help me stay organized. I got a pretty binder from Target and got to work.

 I put in some planning sheets to help keep all my to-do lists, checklists, and guest list together.

 I also separated the binder into sections, I'm planning to put in ideas I find  in magazines and pinterest
 and slip them into each section. I put in baby shower and bridal shower game ideas I found and put them in the shower section. The categories I have are Showers, children's parties, holidays, weddings/ anniversaries, and adult parties, which is not what you think, lol! ( that section includes reunions, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, etc

I also added a birthday chart at the end, so I could keep track of all the birthdays of all our family and friends. Sorry didn't take picture of it. Here are some pics of the party we planned for him- It's a Julius Paul Frank monkey theme.

How do you plan your events? Would love to get more ideas...

XOXO, Thanks!!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Kitchen Orgnization

My kitchen is pretty tiny, but it's by far the most organized of all the rooms in my house. It didn't happen over  night, in fact I've been organizing my pantry since summer. I lived with some things- some I loved, some not so much. I adjusted as I needed  and  it's a work-in -progress. This is what I had to begin with....

Pretty messy, things just thrown into the pantry in no order. The over the door shelf, helped so much, but needed so much organization. I started by clearing out the pantry. Had these liners for so long, I got them at Lowe's. Not very stylish, but they will do for now.  

Here's how it turned out after all the organization.......

Let's start with the over the door organizer- I just went through it and organized it and much as I could by type and size.

The top shelf holds some extra unopened crackers, frosting, and other extras. The purple containers hold bread and chips.

On the next shelf, I added another shelf I picked up at dollar tree. I added three white baskets to hold some extras from Wal-Mart. The top baskets hold some muffin/biscuit mixes as well as seasonings, the other basket holds drink mixes and tea. The bottom basket holds breakfast oatmeal packs as well as cinnamon sticks.  And of course, the cans to the left of the basket.

The bottom shelf holds containers for cereal, snacks, and crackers. Want to get a container for croutons and salt. As well as put the Quaker oats into one of the containers.

I also added a 2-drawer plastic container, I put a basket on top with napkins, paper plates, and plastic utensils.

The first drawer holds all my baking supplies like sprinkles, cookie cutters, cupcake cups,and  birthday candles.

The second drawer holds ziplock bags, saran wrap, and foil.

I was trying to find a place to put all our plastic bags that we have left over from the grocery store... I know, plastic bags...bad, but we use them for trash. So I put up a 3M hook, and a pretty blue bag I don't remember where I got. This is where we will keep all those extra plastic bags.

 I also worked on my kitchen drawers. My entire kitchen only has four drawers- 4!!!!! My bottom drawer holds all the attachments I have for some kitchen appliances and gadgets. It also holds our electric carving knife.

 The next drawer holds stuff like cheese grater, whisk, pizza cutter, and among other things, the all important wine bottle opener!! :)

 The second drawer is my favorite!!! It holds all the stuff I would need for baking, from my spoons, spatulas, measuring spoons, and hand mixer.

The top drawer holds knives and standard eating utensils...

Last, but not least I tackled the cabinet under the sink.This is where I keep all my kitchen cleaning supplies, furniture polish, etc.. We also keep our lantern in there in case of an emergency.

Still have my cabinets and hutch to finish organizing. I have to re-work some stuff and move things around. But I will share as soon as I finish.

Thanks for stopping by..