Monday, February 10, 2014

2014 Goals

         It's already been a month into the new year and I have been busy with work, life, etc. We started meal planning and it's been a chore, but it's been very  worth it. We've saved a lot of money and are eating healthier. I've also been a bit lazy.. my office is still in chaos and the little projects I said I would during the winter month are still undone..
          This year I don't have a list resolutions..this year I have some goals I want to accomplish by the time this year is over. Here are my goals broken down into four categories... BLOG, PERSONAL, CRAFTY/SCRAPBOOKING, HOME PROJECTS..

1. Organize finances and budget
2.  Meal plan and budget food
3. Organize my time more ( get a planner)
4. Simplify
5. Go to Church more and read the BIBLE.
6. Eat healthier/ exercise
7. Concentrate more on my Thirty-one business
8. Start an ETSY shop
9. Start adoption process/still hoping to conceive
10. Spend more time with my family
11. Incorporate a movie/ game night during the week
12. Limit t.v/ ipad use

1. Blog more often.. at least once a week
2. Get a brand new design for my blog
3. Start a teaching blog or incorporate a section/ day/ for my school stuff/ adventures
4. Organize ideas of things I want to include in the blog and a schedule of what/ when I want to put up blog posts.

1.Catch-up on Project Life & finish albums
2. Finally finish my niece's graduation album
3. Start my nephew's baby album
4. Finish scrapbook pages from my old albums
5. Organize scrapbook pages
6. Make spine label

1. Build front porch
2. Start master bath Reno
3. New washer/dryer
4. Finish organizing lower kitchen cabinets
5. Clear out extra bedroom
6. Organize and finish office
7. Start working on charging station
8. New bedding/ curtains/accessories for master bedroom
9. Organize files, CD's, & photos
10. Paint living room
11. Remove carpet, install flooring.
12. Finish guest bathroom
13. Move LR ceiling fan to master bedroom and buy new living room ceiling fan
14. Re-Organize pantry ( ugh.. one day... i'll get it right!!)
15. Organize MB closet
16. Clean back deck
17. Organize shed
18. Work on yard... grass, plants, a BBQ area/pit
19. Organize, drawers, entertainment center, and coffee tables in living room

There are other things I want to tackle like organizing/ decorating my hubby's office, organizing my classroom,  renovating my mom's living room/kitchen, and also organizing some areas of my mom's home.. things I want to do for the blog. I also want to do more holiday decor.. already a huge fail with Valentine's day.. Well please come along with me this year as I go through my lists. What are your goals for 2014?

Have an awesome day, 
HUGS... Michelle