Sunday, March 2, 2014

January Home Projects

Hola!! Like always I have been busy and taking on much more than I should.. lol!! I have been working on projects here and there on weekends and in between laundry, etc, etc... I want to share some of the projects I worked on in the month of January.
       My husband and I are tackling our # 1 nemesis- PAPER!! Mail, files, bills, etc... This is an ongoing process that we are still trying to deal with. One thing we have done to help with the chaos is I got all our owner's manuals from the various places in the house and put them together in a binder.

I love Target binders.. they are so colorful and pretty!! I got some plastic folders with tabs and separated the manuals into categories.. Kitchen, appliances, lawn. electronics, sports/outdoor.


It has been working ok.. only it is a bit bulky that I might have to separate into 2 binders. But it serves it's purpose.

Another project happened while I was putting away all my Christmas dishes in the china cabinet in the kitchen. While the hutch was fairly organized..

But the two drawers in the cabinet were a different story. They had become full- on JUNK drawers!!!

I emptied out and cleaned out the drawers. I got rid of all the ugly, old dish towels, folded the rest up nicely and got to work on my second drawer. I had these plastic containers that I had collected during my days as a store cashier. They held the sour strip candy and they were just to sturdy and nice to throw away.. so I cleaned them and saved them.

I also had these small plastic containers, I bought last year to hold the crayons for nephews party. The end result was awesome.. everything fit like a glove and I managed to put back everything in the drawer.. nice and neatly of course. I even had room to put my collection of scentsy bars in the back.

This might not seem like a big project, but any little project that can help you're life feel more in order is worth it. For the past two years or so, my husband and I have been working at organizing our lives.. it's overwhelming sometimes but drawer by drawer, closet by closet, we are finally getting organized. It's a work in progress and keeping it in working, organizational order is another chore in it self.. but I truly love our new organized way of living.. How have you organized your life??

Till later,