Wednesday, July 6, 2016

AND.... Its Been Another Year!!

2015-2016 have been pretty hard years. I have been blessed beyond belief. But there were days that it was hard to even face people. I'm slowly getting back to my old self. To catch you up, I suffered 2 more miscarriages. It's been a heartbreaking experience for both me and my husband. We have started seeing a specialist. But I will talk more about that in another post.  I have been keeping busy this summer organizing, decluttering my house, cooking up a storm and scrapbooking. I have also gotten more into planners.. yet another obsession. lol! I have plans to help keep me out of my funk. One is this blog, which I put off along with my other passions because I just wanted to hide under a blanket. :( I have plans for the blog, ones I really want to tackle this time. I want to do planner posts, hauls... I also have a list a gift albums I want to complete, and I feel the blog will hold me accountable. I have my nephew's baby album to finish- he's 4 years old, and also a senior album for niece who already graduated from college. Im bad!!! I have a list of mini & vacation albums I want to do. And there's PROJECT LIFE! I have finally found my groove with project life and I love it more and more! I am actually caught up to June in my album. Im so happy about that! But I need to finish my previous albums, the one that overwhelmed me and just made me 2nd guess my decision to even scrapbook. I want to do a Throw-back Thursday: Project Life Style. Im starting with 2015 and working my way through the years. I even made a video.. (YIKES!!OMG!!)of what I have so far. I'm excited! I know that my posting will be interfered with school starting soon and all the stuff I have to do to get ready for that. But Im willing to make it happen and did I mention I'm excited!!! I will talk more about our baby journey in another post.. when the time comes and really when I'm ready to talk more about it


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