Sunday, August 10, 2014

Project Life-February 2014

I am finally posting my February 2014 Project Life spreads. First off... I know, I know... February is spelled wrong, I left out the r and I didn't realize it till later.. eh.. what are u gonna do that's life and I left it like that. For this spread I used the Clementine edition, some of the Kraft edition, and some cards that came with the Studio Calico Kit. I used design A for this spread.

Here's the first side.. A screen shot of the T.V during Bruno Mars Super Bowl Half-time Performance. Also, some collages, I made on the Pic Frame App of the 100 days of school celebrations at our school. I also included a screen shot of the weather on my phone.

The next part of the spread featured a funny pic of my friend's little boy, who had gotten dirty playing outside and as my friend  was changing him, he covered his face and was embarrassed,  lol! My aunt sent me a text and pic of the screen while she watched the Beatles on T.V. I included a sticker with a quote of one of their songs. I have had that sticker in my stash forever.. glad I was finally able to use it and it fit perfectly with my color scheme on the page. I also included some pictures of my father-in-law's 68th birthday. His birthday is on February 10, so I got creative and used the 10 of hearts card and put the word FEB using silver glitter letters.

My 2nd spread is Valentine's Day week. I used a card from a MAMBI holiday edition, and also more of the  KRAFT and CLEMENTINE editions. I used Design A for these layouts.

 The first part of the spread, I put some Valentines Day cards from my students and family.. easy and simple, just cut what I needed to size.

The second part of the spread, I included a picture of my niece's first Valentines Day and also her 2-month old photo. I also included my cousin's daughter's first birthday party pic and a collage of our friends' visit. This was also a pretty simple layout and I love the way it turned out. 

I did Include one insert this week.. On February 16, we Baptised by niece's baby girl, Mallery. So I decided this special occasion needed its own layout. I used design C. and some Jolee's boutique stickers and some pretty floral paper I had in my stash.

The only thing is I need to add labels on this spread to document who's who..

My last spread in February has more pink, I used some cards from a previous Studio Calico kit, 5th & Frolic edition kit, and Azure edition for the design H page protector insert.

The first part of the spread is all about my aunt's birthday and her birthday flowers. That week was also my dad's birthday. I also included a favorite picture I took of my class that week. Also very simple layout,

I couldn't fix the orientation of this pic, but this id the design H insert I added of Dr. Seuss birthday celebrations at our school.. I liked that the colors in the Azure edition, match with the whole feel of Dr. Seuss theme. I included a regular 4x6 photo, a 4x6 photo collage, and an instagram-sized photo collage.

The other side of the design h documents a trip we took to Fredricksburg, Tx. I used mostly photos in this spread and the title is cut from a magazine.. very primitive, but it works for me. I used some Azure edition cards.

I'm still loving this project so much.. Are u still loving Project Life??

With Love,

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